What Can I Expect When Working With Mickey Cohn?

I coach the person, not the problem, therefore I do not have a set process per se.  I draw from many disciplines, modalities, brain hacks, high-performance models, as well as my own personal experience.  Each person I coach is unique unto themselves, so a set pattern is somewhat limiting and doesn’t always serve the client.  There are many “proven systems.”  The one thing they share with each other is that not everyone succeeds doing them. I work with the individual in real time and that leads us to have a more organic, dynamic experience tailored to the individual.  While we will explore and cover a number of ideas, concepts, processes, and systems, we will almost always explore and create the following areas:

VISION—You will create and craft your vision for your life.  This is the manifestation of your “WHY.”  It lights you up and calls you to action.

STRATEGY— We will take your vision and create a strategy to implement it.  When you get up in the morning, you’ll know exactly what to do, day to day, week to week, month to month. 

BELIEFS–We’ll uncover and dismantle the limiting beliefs you have that constrain you and the way you see the world.  We’ll discover and look at the psychological barriers that are in the way and shift them.  We’ll do deep dive as needed to get to the heart of the matter.

CORE VALUES–We’ll then rediscover and reconnect you to your core values and use them as an expression of your true self.  We’ll build an emotional connection to them and they will naturally inform your choices.  This connection will be the bedrock of your true self.

 GENUINE SELF– We’ll then create new beliefs, habits, and rituals that reflect your true self and inform the vision you wish to create and empower you to succeed. 

SKILL SETS—We’ll identify your genius skills—those that you love to do, come effortlessly, and produce top results.  We will have you focus your attention on engaging them the most. There may be some skills you need to build the vision and turn it into reality. If it makes sense to do so, we’ll have you develop the skill.  More likely, we’ll look to bring in someone who thrives doing it.

ENERGY—We will look at the people, places, and habits in your life that drain you of energy and those that fill you with energy.  We’ll make two lists and one at a time we will remove the things and people that drain you of energy and create awareness around the ones that provide you with energy.   


The Coaching Process in Three Steps


Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Conversation

We’ll discuss your current reality, the challenges you are facing, and the places where things are not working.  We’ll also identify your goals, outcomes, and the ideal business and life you desire.  At that point, you and I will assess whether this is something you want to explore further.


Your Program for Success Proposal


I propose a program for your success.  

You choose to invest in YOU.

You are ALL In, fully committed to yourself and creating the life you desire.



Create Clarity, Discover New Paths, Achieve Goals

You experience higher levels of clarity, confidence, and success.  You become more focused and directed, engaged, enthusiastic, expressed and connected.