Shift Your Perspective

Transform Your Life

Impact the World

A Compelling Case for Coaching

A Compelling Case for Coaching

Coaches provide an extra set of experiences and perspectives that are invaluable for people who want to excel in their field, maximize business profitability and improve quality of life — or all of the above! 1. Business Leaders Prefer Coaching According to Career...

Why I Coach

Why I Coach

 I first discovered my love of coaching in April 1992 when I participated in a human potential course called the Landmark Forum.  From the first experience, I became mesmerized by the clarity and communication skills of the Forum Leader.  He would interact with one...

Together We Will Unlock and Create

Clarity of purpose

A strategy for success

A powerful mindset(s)

Dramatically increased performance

Increased confidence

Enhanced energy and enthusiasm

Improved communication skills

Stronger relationships

Exponential results

The Coaching Process in Three Steps


Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Conversation

We’ll discuss your current reality, the challenges you are facing, and the places where things are not working.  We’ll also identify your goals, outcomes, and the ideal business and life you desire.  At that point, you and I will assess whether this is something you want to explore further.


Your Program for Success Proposal


I propose a program for your success.  

You choose to invest in YOU.

You are ALL In, fully committed to yourself and creating the life you desire.



Create Clarity, Discover New Paths, Achieve Goals

You experience higher levels of clarity, confidence, and success.  You become more focused and directed, engaged, enthusiastic, expressed and connected.   

About Mickey Cohn


My mission in life is to help people rediscover who they are and create their lives deliberately, authentically, and joyfully.  For me, the client-coach relationship is a sacred dance of collaboration and creation, where trust and courage meet love and service to produce results that aren’t predictable or imagined. There is no greater joy for me than when a client has an insight, their world starts to shift, opportunities appear, and their hearts open and spirits soar.