Mickey Cohn
Transformative Coach

     Shift Your Perspective

              Transform Your Life

                        Impact the World


What is Your Life Like Now?

Do you:


Know you have a purpose but can’t fully identify or act on it?


Produce great results yet feel unfulfilled in your work?


Feel you are not living up to your potential?


Experience being restless, frustrated, and off course?


Feel that you are settling for less?


Feel that there is never enough time?

How long are you willing to tolerate this?

Are you ready to create the life you were meant to live?

Together We Will Unlock and Create

Clarity of purpose

A strategy for success

A powerful mindset(s)

Dramatically increased performance

Increased confidence

Enhanced energy and enthusiasm

Improved communication skills

Stronger relationships

Exponential results

Success Stories

Coaching with me is about creating from the future (rather than the past) and living it now! Through a series of conversations, distinctions, and exercises, we uncover long-forgotten self-limiting beliefs holding you back; or uncover something that, seen from a slightly different perspective, reveals a whole new world of opportunity.  From that place of freedom and insight, you look to the future to define and create the quality of life, results, and outcomes that inspire and engage you.

I’m proud to share these clients’ success stories. – Mickey

Thank you SO MUCH @mickeycohncoach !!! Jason and I accomplished more this weekend coaching with you than we’ve accomplished on our own these past 6 years in business together. What a blessing you are.

Thanks to our two-day intensive coaching weekend with Mickey, my husband and I were able to make a life-changing shift for our business and our family.   We now have a clear, emotionally connected mission and vision—and that feels amazing!

Jessie Bowden


Within two months of working with life coach Mickey Cohn I was experiencing a substantially different reality compared to the resigned fatigue and frustration I felt at the start. I was jolted to change the way I spoke about my life, dramatically shift my perceptions, and to remember who I really am. As I regained my sense of personal power, I also clarified a compelling mission and vision for my life that was both inspiring and energizing.

Tangible results? My calm confidence attracted new business. My renewed self negotiated and closed deals with an assurance that put new clients at ease. I began to ask for fees that matched my value.

While I had not entered coaching to improve my marriage, sure enough, it did. I learned to speak my heart fully and ask for the help I needed. I was able to enlist my husband’s buy-in for my business goals and together we created a vision for the marriage and life that we wanted to share.

Mickey is a joy to work with and I know that doors are opening for me because of what we have achieved together. Bottom line, I am simply happier as a result. You owe yourself the gift of his coaching and inspiration. It’s an investment that pays for itself!

Gayle WilliamsOwner of a digital marketing agency

I had the privilege of working with Mickey Cohn as my executive coach and the experience has been transformative for both myself and my company. From the outset, Mickey brought a depth of understanding and insight that is rare to find. His approach is not just about addressing immediate challenges; it’s about fostering a mindset of sustainable growth and resilience.

Mickey’s guidance was pivotal in several areas. He helped me refine my leadership style, making it more impactful and empathetic. His strategies for enhancing team dynamics have led to a more collaborative and productive work environment. Under his coaching, we were able to identify and leverage our core strengths, aligning our business strategy more closely with our values and long-term vision.

Mickey’s ability to blend strategic foresight with practical action steps is exceptional. He has a unique talent for bringing out the best in people and organizations, challenging them to think bigger and push beyond their limits.

I cannot recommend Mickey Cohn highly enough as an executive coach. His impact goes beyond the immediate; he leaves a lasting imprint on the individuals and companies he works with. For anyone looking to elevate their leadership and propel themselves forward, Mickey is the coach who can make that happen.

Debra LeJeuene
CEO & Founder
Integrity Payments Group

The Coaching Process in Three Steps


Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Conversation

We’ll discuss your current reality, the challenges you are facing, and the places where things are not working.  We’ll also identify your goals, outcomes, and the ideal business and life you desire.  At that point, you and I will assess whether this is something you want to explore further.


Your Program for Success Proposal


I propose a program for your success.  

You choose to invest in YOU.

You are ALL In, fully committed to yourself and creating the life you desire.



Create Clarity, Discover New Paths, Achieve Goals

You experience higher levels of clarity, confidence, and success.  You become more focused and directed, engaged, enthusiastic, expressed and connected.   

About Mickey Cohn


My mission in life is to help people rediscover who they are and create their lives deliberately, authentically, and joyfully.  For me, the client-coach relationship is a sacred dance of collaboration and creation, where trust and courage meet love and service to produce results that aren’t predictable or imagined. There is no greater joy for me than when a client has an insight, their world starts to shift, opportunities appear, and their hearts open and spirits soar.